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United States
Current Residence: Asgard.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I'm looking for something in a size Hero. Got any of those in stock?
Print preference: Something that shows up well on divine parchment.
Favourite genre of music: Provocational. Anything that makes you think.
Favourite photographer: Dana Graham.
Favourite style of art: Anime and CG.
Operating System: Windows, because I'm a conformist.
MP3 player of choice: Whatever works.
Shell of choice: Turtle, definitely. Haven't you ever played Mario Bros.?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything from The Sims: Bustin' Out.
Skin of choice: My own, though I do admit to the appeal of a fine olive tone...
Favourite cartoon character: Kurosaki Ichigo of Bleach. So I'm a hopeless fanboy, sue me.
Personal Quote: Love and love to be loved.
[x] You're stubborn.
[x] You like ramen.
[ ] Are foxes your favorite animal?
[ ] You're afraid of ghosts.
[ ] You're jealous of your best friend.
[x] Are you a hands-on kind of person?
[ ] Do you have a crush on someone, who isn't interested in you?
[x] You want people to respect you.
[x] You never give up.
[ ] Are you tan?
[ ] Were you born on the 10th of October?
Total: 5

[ ] You don't care about other people or their opinions.
[ ] Are you left handed?
[ ] You prefer being alone.
[ ] Are you cold, cruel or withdrawn?
[x] Are you talented?(depends on what your talkin about)
[x] Have you had to work on your social skills?
[x] Do you practice your skills?(dirty thoughts nooo!!!)
[x] Do you have a motive in your life that you live for?
[ ] Do you feel like you're cursed?
[ ] Were you born on the 23rd of July? (No, but damn close)
Total: 4

[x] You like the color pink.
[ ] Do you feel like something inside of you is ordering you?
[ ] You and your friends have a crush on the same person
[x] You're smart.
[ ] You have a five-finger forehead.
[x] You usually repress your emotions.
[ ] You insult people just to annoy them.
[ ] You're aiming for a medical career.
[ ] You grew long hair because of your crush.
[ ] Were you born on the 28th of March?
Total: 3

[x] You read romance novels. (depends ^^;)
[x] You like to spend time in the fields.
[x] Have you separated from some group? (some friends of mine yes)
[x] Is your personality hard to describe?
[x] Are you often late?
[x] Do you like to use something that covers your mouth? (just because it looks cool but yeah)
[x] Do you use the sayings: "A black cat crossed my path..." or "I fell into a sewer..."?
[ ] Is one of your eyes a different color from your other one?
[ ] You only have one hobby.
[ ] Were you born on the 15th of September?
Total: 7

[x] You like red and black.
[ ] You wear purple nail polish.
[ ] You paint your toenails.
[x] You've been the leader in a group.
[x] You're a lot more advanced than others in your age class.
[ ] You're unforgiving at times.
[x] You judge people. (sorry i cant seem to help it though im trying to stop)
[x] You hang out with a certain crowd.
[x] You have a little brother. (i have two and there annoying)
[ ] You dress in overly long clothes.
Total: 6

[x] You like sand.
[x] You could care less.
[ ] You feel like no one loves you.
[ ] You're alone a lot of the time.
[ ] You've made some sort of a symbol of love on your skin.
[ ] Your name means death in Japanese.
[ ] You have one reason to live.
[x] Your life has had a significant turn.
[ ] You have red hair
[ ] Is you birthday on the 19th of January?
Total: 3

[x] You believe in hard work.
[x] You're decisive.
[ ] You have large eyes
[x] You're a unique person.
[x] You've seriously decided to do something.
[x] Are You Extremely Honest? (O.o depends on who it is XD)
[x] You have a person who you share a warm relationship with.
[ ] You have a black bowl-cut.
[ ] You've been in an accident where you were had little chance to survive.
[x] You like green. (that also depends)
Total: 7

[x] You write and sell romance novels.
[x] Are you a pervert?
[x] Do you like alcohol?
[x] You're somewhat famous. (certain circles, but yeah)
[x] You have long/white hair. (long or white...?)
[x] Do you spy on people for some reason? (O.o i shall not tell you who XD)
[x] You're specialized in some field(s). (o.o well huh my mind is in the gutter currently so uhh..well i supose)
[ ] You're over 20.
[x] You're in some way great.
[x] Do you have an ambiguous way of thinking?
Total: 9

[x] Are you pale?
[x] Do you like snakes?
[ ] Is one of your hobbies fencing? (I wish)
[ ] Are you sadistic, power-hungry and egoistic by nature?
[ ] Do you use people as pawns?
[x] Do you have a dream?
[ ] You don't feel empathy for other people.
[x] Do you lust for someone else's body? (<_< >_> >_< ^_^)
[ ] Are you over 20?
Total: 4

[x] Do you like to play gambling games? (on video games XD)
[x] Do you like snails?
[ ] Do you have a pig/pigs at home?
[ ] Are you afraid of blood?
[x] Do you have an object that you believe brings bad luck?
[ ] You're in the medical field.
[x] You're dependent on something.
[ ] You're a blonde.
[ ] Do you use rejuvenation creams?
[ ] Are you over 20?
Total: 4

[x] Are you lazy? (hells yea! ^^;)
[x] Are you intelligent?
[ ] Is everything too troublesome for you?
[ ] You often play shogi. (I don't know what that is... @_@)
[x] You like shadows.
[x] You pretend to sleep a lot.
[x] Your IQ is over 200.
[x] You wear a ponytail.
[x]You often use the saying "How troublesome" or something near it.
[ ] Is your birthday on the 23rd of September?
Total: 7

[x] Do you like bugs?
[x] You prefer eating salad.
[ ] You don't like tofu. (eww god run away!!!!)
[x] Your personality is quiet and mysterious.
[ ] You hate food with strong aromas.
[ ] Do you collect bugs?
[ ] Is your favorite saying "Trump card"?
[x] Do you use sunglasses a lot?
[x]You don't tell much about yourself (uhh depends on who its with though)
[ ] Is your birthday on the 23rd of January?
Total: 5

[x] Are you extremely shy?
[x] Are you a bit insecure about yourself?
[x] Do you feel like your family doesn't appreciate you? (they neglect me *sighes*)
[ ] Do you hate your cousin?
[ ] Do You Stutter?
[x] Knowing someone has increased your self-confidence.
[x] You make some mistakes.
[ ] You have violet hair.
[x] You don't give up easily.
Total: 6

[x] You have a scar on your face.
[x] You worry about other people. (a few people not very many just close friends and boyfriend^^;)
[x] Is your favorite word "believe"?
[x] Do you like dolphins?
[x] You and your friend have a similar past.
[x] You're kind by nature. (lol only with some people)
[x] Is your hobby the hot springs? (its one of my hobbies)
[x] Is you blood type B?
[x] Your favorite food is ramen.
[ ] Were you born on the 26th of May?
Total: 9

[x] Are you an exceptional student at school?
[x] Are you frighteningly good at something? (i dont think so but ive been told that i am)
[x] You're a genius. (and modest too! >_<)
[ ] Your personality is confident and somewhat stiff.
[x] You don't show your emotions. (most of the time i dont)
[x] You believe you cannot change destiny.
[x] Someone has influenced your way of thinking.
[x] You do things seriously.
[ ] Do you feel like you can see through people?
[ ] Do you come into terms with your cousins?
Total: 7

[x] You have two siblings. (Meh, sure)
[x] You're tough by nature.
[ ] You afraid of your brother/sister.
[x] You like to fix things.
[ ] Your hobby is puppets.
[x] You like to paint your face.
[x] You hang out a lot with your brother/sister.
[ ] You don't talk much.
[ ] You use purple make up
[x]You have brown hair.
Total: 6

So, as an end result, I am more of a Jiraiya and Iruka (whoever the hell that is @_@) but definitely Jiraiya! Yeah Hentai-Sensei!
  • Listening to: Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack
  • Reading: Uh... My screen...?
  • Watching: My brother play Viking.
  • Playing: ... Viking.
  • Eating: In a minute.
  • Drinking: I wish...

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